Granules and Pellets

The business of plastic granules represents an essential service for numerous sectors of the manufacturing industry, since plastic is currently one of the most used materials to make products or components of products of all kinds, with a diffusion so wide as to be practically unclassifiable: from furniture to the automotive industry, from work tools to clothing accessories.
We must not forget that the business in plastic granules is intended to supply all those companies that deal with packaging and packaging, and that plastics are used predominantly for the services they in turn offer to their customers.

Plastics market

NOWASTEWORLD srl is a company based in Milan, but active throughout ITALY, specialized in the market of post-use plastic granules / pellets for the realization of all polymeric combinations useful for the creation of plastic products and packaging:

  • polypropylene
  • high and low density polyethylene
  • copolymer
  • technopolymers

This company has a complex selection system, grinding, washing and drying for the treatment and recovery of polyethylene waste, Polypropylene and heterogeneous plastics from post-consumer or industrial scraps.

Almost all the materials that are regenerated on this line, are then reused in our compounding plants as raw materials for a new range of recycled compounds.

The main sectors of reference for the sale of plastic granules include the production of toys and household items, packaging and cosmetics.


The relationship with the customer

NOWASTEWORLD considers essential to build a direct relationship with its customers, such as to start first of all a real consultancy activity to meet the various and different needs of the customer.

NOWASTEWORLD therefore bases his work on personalized contact, listening, clear presentation of information and data.

The result is a guarantee of transparency to protect the customer's peace of mind.