The project was born from a group of entrepreneurs operating in the renewable energy sector, construction sector and chemistry sector to meet construction and environmental needs. This project is part of circular economy and sustainability projects in line with European regulations and international guidelines such as the Kyoto protocol.

NOWASTEWORLD's strength lies in the exclusivity of its production process

The patent is the result of over 10 years of research on the method of recycling plastic and its chemical-mechanical properties; it has passed all the necessary tests for its application for the infrastructural sector, civil sector and for the construction filling projects.


The objectives of the new European directives provide:

  • recycling within, 2025 for at least 55% of municipal waste (60% by 2030) (65% by 2035); restriction to landfill disposal (up to 10% by 2035)
  • 65% recycling of packaging by 2025 and 70% by 2030
  • separate collection of textile waste from 2025, household hazardous waste (like paints, pesticides,…); also biodegradable waste that will have to be collected separately or recycled at home through composting.
  • landfills, will have to limit the amount of municipal waste to be disposed of to a maximum of 10% (by 2035).

NOWASTEWORLD fits into these projects.