NOWASTEWORLD aimes at the market of industrial plastic items, that can be produced in recycled plastic using the injection technique. NOWASTEWORLD's recycling technology makes it possible to obtain products with excellent technical resistance specifications, time, elasticity.

Some interesting facts

The global demand for plastics is characterized by a steady increase, due to technological evolution: thanks to the advancement of production techniques, the plastic polymer is able to replace a wider range of materials every year, compared to which it offers significant weight advantages, cost, performance and production efficiency.

Some of the areas most affected by this trend are:

  • Automotive
  • Furniture
  • Building
  • Clothing
  • Technical articles

The production of plastic is absorbed by the following product categories:

World demand for plastic

From the most up-to-date data, the world demand for plastics has reached 359 million tons per year.

Reference Markets

The markets that NOWASTEWORLD addresses are Agriculture, Real Estate and Other, for a total of 46,2% of the plastic demand : the company can count on a potential market large enough to absorb the production of any line. It ’ should be remembered that the molding line is configurable to produce different objects, therefore NOWASTEWORLD will have the freedom to modify its offer with a modest expense, in order to focus on the most receptive markets.