NOWASTEWORLD technology can be configured to produce a wide range of plastic products, so for each type of use you can choose the most suitable product. Recycled plastic is already omnipresent in our daily life: thanks to the reuse of materials it is possible to create outdoor furniture, street furniture, insulating panels, clothing or car components.

Huge Versatility

The reuse of plastic waste and the technology created do not only lend themselves to the technique of injection moulding, but also to that of extrusion. The versatility is therefore enormous and the range of products that can be obtained is very high; from products for the horticulture to those for the sector of’Fruit and vegetables, from those for fognature to those for drainage, from those for packaging to those for containment of materials and many more.

  • Pallet
  • Vases
  • Products for building
  • Products for architecture
  • Piping
  • Wells
  • Curbs for signaling on the roads
  • Grass savers for parking lots
  • extruded profiles for roofs, gazebos, outdoor carousel for parks and more
  • Mail boxes
  • Laths for flooring
  • Sound absorbing barriers


Our main products

Pellets and Granules

Used by plastic molding companies, to produce items with a high aesthetic content


Pallets used for the handling of goods


Quadrangular-sized recycled plastic formwork that is used for its innovative ability to solve drainage problems


NOFLOOD FV SOLUTION is the solution to counteract the damage on the territory created by floods