These are the pallets used for the handling of goods.


Limitations of wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are generally the cheapest, but they suffer from a number of disadvantages:

  • Environmental issues. because for the production of pallets it is necessary to carry out deforestation activities
  • Operational limits. given the porous structure of the wood, pallets tend to collect dirt and microorganisms, therefore these products cannot be used in various contexts, as for example for the handling of food products in cold rooms, and for intercontinental shipments
  • Disposal, because during the production and use process, the wood becomes impregnated with numerous foreign substances, that can be dispersed into the environment if the timber is not disposed of properly: despite the natural origin, the wooden pallets are not biodegradable.

The plastic pallet solves the limitations of wood, because the material used is totally recycled, the structure of the polymer makes it unassailable by external biological agents, and the plastic can be recycled at the end of the product's life.

The pallets produced will be placed at the high end of the market, with a maximum capacity of 3,500 kg.