NOFLOOD FV SOLUTION is the solution to counteract the damage on the territory created by floods.
The water flow slows down through the collection channels 1 and is then conveyed into tanks 2 or artificial basins. In this way, the water, an essential resource for man and species, becomes available as a resource.
NOFLOOD® has a double value, indeed, in addition to being a technological element that contrasts the phenomena of flooding, it is a product that derives from a circular economy process as it is made with recycled heterogeneous plastic.

The technological element

NOWASTEWORLD's Noflood® system is basically a quadrangular-sized recycled plastic formwork that is used for its innovative ability to solve drainage problems thanks to:

  • its conformation
  • a compact and resistant structure
  • high drainage and hydraulic capacity
  • Structure, 90% self-bonding, allows the use of lighter modules that are easy to install
  • Elimination of subsidence and consequent cracking of the road body
  • Quick insertion under large agricultural areas

Hydraulic module plan view
NOFLOOD® system

Side section of the single

Three-dimensional view
NOFLOOD® system

Schema NOFLOOD FV solution:

The image below outlines the NOFLOOD PV solution.
FW system power:

  • around 1 MW (972 kW)

NOFLOOD® system flow rate:

  • Tot. Channel length 1: 600m
  • Tot. Channel length 2: 100m