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NOWASTEWORLD is the result of the experience in different sectors of professionals who shared their knowledge gained over several decades, building an innovative recovery and transformation system of urban solid waste in new raw/second materials

Waste is the Real Resource

The project is the result of over 10 years of research

The project was born from a group of entrepreneurs operating in the renewable energy sector, construction sector and chemistry sector to meet construction and environmental needs.

It fits within the projects of circular economy and sustainability in line with European regulations and international guidelines such as the Kyoto protocol.

Innovative system

The system NOWASTEWORLD aims to replace the systems currently used for the treatment or disposal of waste by providing an innovative system for modifying already consolidated processes.

The technology NOWASTEWORLD allows to fully reuse the fraction of plastic waste which is usually not worth differentiating, turning it into new objects with a revolutionary process.

The strength of NOWASTEWORLD is made up by theexclusivity of its production process.

Wide Range of Products

The technology NOWASTEWORLD can be configured to produce a’wide range of plastic productsi, so for each type of use you can choose the most suitable product. Recycled plastic is already omnipresent in our daily life: thanks to the reuse of materials it is possible to create outdoor furniture, street furniture, insulating panels, clothing or car components.


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